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Brian Vassallo (born 2 February 1971) is a Maltese composer of electronic music.

He made his debut back in 1998 with his first atmospheric/ soundscapes electronica album 'BEYOND'. "At the time I recorded BEYOND I was listening to a lot of electronica and film composer artists. I wanted to go for that atmospheric, emotional, dramatic feeling, accompanied at the same time, by my longtime passion for the cosmos!"

Building on the support of his fans , and supportive reviews, Brian went back into his music. His efforts eventually resulted into his next project, 'FLASHBACK', later released in 2006 . While 'BEYOND' was quite an ethereal with pulsating sequences, the second album presented a producer and a musician that he can re-invent himself once again, and not limiting himself to one style.

The year of 2007 was a very busy creative year for Brian Vassallo, now entering into the collaborative phase , Vassallo now had the opportunity to remix the french artist Jean Michel Jarre's track; Teo & Tea , via Wat.TV and Warner France . The track was personally selected by Jarre and awarded .

In that same year, Brian released From 'Tears To Paradise' , a song inspired by his love for Christ, a much more cinematic composition than any of Brian's previous works. This composition was accompanied by the beautiful soprano artist's voice of 'Amethyste ' . A collaboration born from, between Vassallo & Amethyste.

Inspired by his frequent visits to Cocoon Club in frankfurt,between 2007 to present day, Vassallo delivered various tech - electronica productions as well, with releases such as 'Sensorama' &' Sonique -Dancer' etc..

In 2008, Brian was invited by Ehron VonAllen to remix his new track 'Enigma ' from Myspace .com as well. Vassallo's remix of 'Enigma', resulted into a unique interpretation of poetic soundscapes, reminesent of the X-Files composer Mark Snow.

Brian's most recent works are; The soundtrack for [2 Diffused Pictures's Film] -'In The End' | 'Caravan Of Emotions' & Deep-Groove EP {2009}

Although electronic music can be found in most any music store, Brian Vassallo stands out. He creates unique sounds and melodies, capable of touching the hearts and the emotions . "I just try to continue improving upon myself and my compositions , to reach and touch many people " he says. "I'll let God take care of the rest!

At the end of 2010 he released his CD album Memoirs of a Lifetime.

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