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Breathe is a 2 minute video by the artist Romina Delia that was part of the collective exhibition Deception - Six women: one mission.

Romina Delia work derives from a series of photographs taken while abroad, featuring a performer immersed in water whose garb inevitably veered afloat, only to reveal her naked body beneath. Ms Delia’s stills, featuring details of limbs and body parts are, in my eyes, immediately reminiscent, or even a direct reference to Gustave Courbet’s The Origin of the World, one of the most erotically-charged paintings dating to the 19th century. The dark set background and warm colours of Ms Delia’s work almost hark back to the internally illuminated candle-lit scenes by Georges de La Tour, another reference to French realist painting. [1]

Cuts from the Video


Breathe has been displayed in the following exhibitions: