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Bletchley Park - Photo by David 'dp' Attard

Bletchley Park is an indie rock band based in Malta, who formed in 2008.

Bletchley Park Line-Up


Highly influenced by alternative bands Editors and Interpol, in 2010 the female-fronted quintet impacted the local rock circuit in Malta with a mini-album From Bletchley, With Love, a tour in Denmark and the Best Newcomer Award at the Bay Music Awards 2010. Bletchley Park is growing to become a high-aspiring band in the local indie scene.

Unusual, free and something that you are not used to is what you will hear. Subtly animated by the anger from your blown-away days, decorated with a pinch of who-do-you-think-you-are attitude. Starting at rock bottom less than two years ago, Bletchley Park is growing to become a high-aspiring band in the local indie scene. Highly influenced by bands Editors, Interpol and Bloc Party amongst others, the female-fronted quintet has produced a distinctive sound that continues to catch the interest of many.

Bletchley Park first took its novel tunes out of the garage during the Rookie’s Battle of the Bands of June 2009 – Sponsored by XFM – which brought together (or against each other) twelve local bands from contrasting genres. The band made its way through to the finals until it was announced winner of gigs in Copenhagen, Denmark and of a production project with renowned British producer Paul Powell. The band was recently living the in-studio experience with David Vella from Temple Studios who left a trail of his musicality in five original pieces.

Their first single released – Alien – was in the Malta’s Top 10 charts for over 7 weeks and hit Number 1 on both major radio stations. Alien is also being aired in UK radio 10 – The Varmint show. Bletchley Park have been nominated as Best New Artists in the Malta Music Awards 2009 (MMAs) honouring their achievment in the local scene, and not only, in just a few months!

The band is currently working on its full-length album recorded at WaxOff Studios, Ibiza with British producer Paul Powell.

Visit Bletchley Park website here and take a glimpse of their released track Alien.


From Bletchley, With Love - Cover Art by John & Mike
  • From Bletchley, With Love (2010)
  1. Run to the Moon
  2. Dust
  3. Alien
  4. Fake Smiles
  5. The Last Star
  6. Waterfall
  7. Hold the Trap
  8. Too Much


  • Alien
  • Hold The Trap
  • Waterfall
  • Too Much
  • Run To The Moon - Released January 2011 File:RTM.mp3


  • Alien appears on Awaken Vol. 1 - Poison Tree Records (2010)
  • Too Much appears on Bay Kids Compilation - Bay Radio (2010)

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