Blasio Muscat

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Blasio Muscat

Blasio Muscat (Bass) born at Nadur, Gozo on 7 August, 1980.

Blasio Muscat

Blasio was the final piece of the puzzle. Gozo lacks Metal musicians, especially drummers and bass players. Therefore, when Joe Costa (Guitars) suggested they invite his former band mate Blasio for a jam, it was quite an easy decision. After his first jam with the rest of the band, inviting Blasio to join Ascendor was an even easier decision. Blasio had formerly played with Joe between 2005 and 2009 in ‘Lost Cause’ and ‘Inner Grey’ where they recorded two albums, ‘...If Systems Persist’ and ‘Sinister Seven’. Following Inner Grey’s disbanding, the latter album was never released.

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