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24 years rocking, Blade date back to the popular Maltese music scene of Tigne' and quickly established them selves as one of Malta's finest hard rock acts. Blade were popular for their special headlining concerts around the island. Although relative to the 80's and 90's era, their stage act, stage props and pyrotechniques were something new on the Island. Unfortunately the Tigne scene was fading away since pressure was being made on all the bands to leave their rooms.Proving their great dedication to music, Blade were infact the last band to abandon their room.

The band then started playing in pubs and clubs, leaving their special shows to be remembered wherever they played. Lead Guitarist Toni Curmi left the Island for a couple of years and so the band enrolled another guitarist. Eventually Toni returned and the original line up was re united.The comeback re charged the band, now enjoying even greater rock scene experience Toni had brought back with him. Within months Blade recorded a song called 'Faith' in the Eruption compilation and a year after recorded their debut double award winning album Rockomotive in the blue world studios in Germany.

Rockomotive in fact was a great hit and was awarded Best Album and Best Cover in 1998 in the Malta Music Awards. Blade also scraped best band by a judges vote after having marked a great 80% televoting result. It was also time to venture abroad where Blade played live on two dates in the rock arena in a huge music festival in France, the 'Fimu Music Festival' Concert. After this peak, Blade found it hard to re adapt to the local scene and after some problems with their rehearsal room, they decided to take a break. However the band members always remained in touch. In this period session musicianship was the only consolation.

Years after the band's musical fuel tanks were refilled and their passion drove them to a reunion, recommenced practicing, and enrolled a new member on Keyboards, Nox Scerri. The band's style, eventually, modernized itself obviously still in the Hard Rock scene. The band also felt the need to enrol a second guitarist. Matti Zammit, a promising and dedicated young guitarist, was chosen for this role.

Unfortunately, due to personal choice, Jez Saliba (Vocals) and Dave Galea (Bassist), decided to leave the band in September 2009. Blade would like to thank Jez and Dave for their formidable contribution throughout all these years. They will never be forgotten. David Lowe is the new frontman (Vocalist) and Bassist of the band.

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