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Bjorn Sciberras

Bjorn Sciberras was born on 1 August, 1999. He lives at Kalkara. He is a singer.

Taken his education at Kalkara Primary School, and Secondary School at Cospicua.

He started taking singing seriously in school at form 2, because the math teacher he had that year told him that he have a good voice and he should start to sing in front of people, and Bjorn took his advise, and after singing in front of people, he also recorded two cover songs with one of his best friends Samantha, as a duets, they recorded Running Scared & Heartbeat and then Bjorn recorded another cover song for the school's prize day and he sang Beauty And The Beat. And onwards he started singing in front of people with confidence.

It took him so long to find the right vocal coach ...He tried Tiziana Calleja, Christine Barbara and till now he found the one that he could spend his life training with... It's Muxu (Matthew Mercieca]] from La Voix Academy.

Bjorn sang in many places, when there's an opportunity,he always tried to take it .. He sang around Malta in serveral occasion like Kalkara, Senglea, Xghajra, Cospicua, Rabat and Vittoriosa.

His debut in festivals was on the 17 of May 2014 with the song ……. and placed

He contitued to taken part in several other Festival s like Raise Your Voice, on 17 May, 2015, and placed second in section E 1 with the song Feeling , Melody Magic on 30 May, 2015 got two songs Feeling Good placed 2nd , in section E1 and with Mad World placed in Section E2, and Battle Of The Voices.

Till now he did’nt win any festival, but he is still trying to train and practice a lot for the festival that hi will participating on July (Battle of the Voices)

Till now he never been aboard to participated in festivals outside of Malta.

He said that music and singing is his life, so basically that's all he do, but apart from singing Bjorn also like acting too.... he used to love acting in the school's plays.

Till now he never met with any singers from another countries, but his biggest wish is to meat the famous-young singer/actress, Selena Gomez