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Beangrowers is one of Malta's foremost alternative rock bands, active throughout most of the 1990s and 2000s.

The female-fronted three-piece band has become known for their unique style and infectious mixture of guitar-based pop and quirky keyboard sounds. Front-woman/lead guitarist Alison Galea is supported by band-mates Mark Sansone (bass) and Ian Schranz (drums). Beangrowers have always been defined as pop-rock that’s short, sharp and to the fuzz-guitar driven point. With a number of albums released, Beangrowers are best known in continental Europe, but have also expanded their reach to fans everywhere. Based in Berlin for a number of years, they were signed to Rough Trade's German division and built a strong fan-base while touring with the likes of Elbow, Tindersticks, Stereophonics, dEUS amongst others. Director Wim Wenders (Buena Vista Social Club, Wings of Desire) became a fan and used the song “The Priest” from their 2005 album, “Dance Dance Baby” in his film "Land of Plenty."

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