Antonio Daniel Oliva

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Antonio Daniel Oliva – born at Valletta on 21 March, 1989. Mostly known in short as CJ!. CJ is a Hiphop Tutor & dancer with a variety of different dance styles which he chooses to merge together and creates his own style.

The styles are, Hiphop, pop, popping, crumping, stomping, locking, robotics and styles he chooses to create for himself when dancing freestyle.

Winner: Black & White Club Competition summer 2012, Finalist ending 4th in Step-Up ALL in movie Competition in Englang October 2013, UDO finalist In Essex United Kingdom, October 2014. He also made it up to Britain's Got Talent and made it till part 2 of the show, September the year after. He even attened a bass camp and visited Slim Boggie studios in Los Angeles, California, in summer way back in July 2016.

The A-Team Crew was founded by CJ way back in April, 2011. Cj and the crew used to dance in a club 'Black &White' in Buġibba. It had to be that way because CJ and Achilles Caestus met accidentally, on a November in Havana on a Halloween night in 2013 while practising their passion and decide to merge their skills in dancing and open a new Studio in St.Pauls bay, dated back in Summer 2014. The A-team Street Dance MLT.

As a crew, some members from this team like; Ibrahim Altikri, Christian Muscat & Christian Cali who took part in rap a music video: 'Storja fil-Memorja', achieved and won different competitions In Malta Hiphop Street dance battles. On the other side CJ in collaboration with Sundreams travels, Go sports and Transporter cabs sponsored an opportunity for the youngsters, to participate in a well known competition in England, the one's mentioned above like UDO and Step up.