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Antoine Tonna

Antoine Tonna born on 26 June, 1973 and comes from Paola. Malta. He is a Bass and Upright Bass player musician.

At the age of 13 he was encouraged by her older sister Audrey to pick up an instrument, she had just bought a drum kit and started lessons. Soon he got interested because at that time he started listening to a lot of rock music. His decision fell on bass guitar because he always influenced by the rhythm and bass sound that created the groove in a song. Secondly his sister was learning drums and they could team up together to study and play as a rhythm section.

Than thanks to his parents who bought him the equipment he stared at first studying under Tony Pace. There he was exposed to theory and music reading apart from playing, which in the long run all was very important. After two years, he started joining in jamming sessions and try to get involved in a band or do my own band.

Finally he managed to hook up with the right friends and formed first band that was around 1989/90. The band was Easy Engine. With Easy Engine played a lot of rock covers and had a great singer who unfortunately passed away in 1993. Singer Paul Borg better known as “Pawlu Pitrolju” After this ordeal. Antoine got lost for a while, needed to start a new band and a singer was hard to find. But! Thanks to a tribute concert who did in memory of Paul Borg they met Marvic Lewis and they formed a band with her, the band was So Chronic. In that time was around late 90’s and by 2002 they made it to a recording studio and released an EP. Studio was an important experience too.

Antoine Tonna

Once the band So Chronic finished, around 2003 there was a time where Antoine was considering learning the Piano. He had no band again!! But then he got a call from a guy Thomas Hedley who got his number from a friend or relative and he asked hime, to record some bass for him on his songs. So Antoine went back to bass. Apart studio work they managed to do two live appearances with Thomas Hedley as a solo artist. At that same time too he was contacted by Red House blues Band who apart of being friends they asked Antoine to replace their bass player for a gig or two because he was going to be abroad. That was Antoine first experience in a blues band he had great time and learned a lot once again because he was pushing myself to improvise and jam in live sessions now not in the garage. After that experience he got a call to audition for the blues band The Creepers. So Antoine started with The Creepers end of 2009 and our first gig was end of March 2010. The Creepers played a lot of vintage American blues and Antoine earned many things again, he was into it big time seeing even documentaries on the story of the blues etc..... That’s where he got inspired to go back to studying music and learn the Upright bass too.

So in 2011 Antoine bought an Upright bass and started studying under Gjorgji Cincievski Principal Upright bass player at the Malta Philharmonic Orchestra. He started studying too at the Johann Strauss School of Music Jazz and doing Theory lessons and (Finished great 8 in Modern / jazz bass playing and Theory).

Finally from the band The Creepers came out the band Vinyl Paradise beginning of 2017 still on at present date and my latest project is The Revolvers Rockabilly band. Once again during The Creepers Antoine came across the style of Upright Bass slapping, A technique not that common here.

In fact he studied rockabilly bass playing on internet lessons. The fact that there was never a Maltese Rockabilly band inspired to him to get a band together so after two or three years of hard practice we formed the first Maltese Rockabilly Band and after our launch gig in November 2017 they were invited to do this year’s Farsons Beer Festival 2018 . Antoine finished by saying Seems that’s all for now one thing for sure If God all mighty grants me strength, I will keep going. I don’t have in mind to stop.