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Andrew Zammit was born in 9 August 1965 at Pietà and lived in Ħamrun. He is a singer, songwriter, guitarist, sound engineer and studio producer.

At the age of 5 he started singing at the Hamrun Primary School to took part in several local children's festivals winning many of them. He later he stared taking guitar lessons. For his secondary education he attended Mount Carmel College in St. Venera.

His main instrument is the guitar. He also studied musical arrangements and sound engineering under the tutorship of Kenny Joy.

During his teenage years (early 1980s) he formed and played in metal band Member of Band::Overdose.

In the 1990s he established himself among the foremost recording engineers through the creation of his own Tone Studios in Birkirkara.

He has composed music for children's songs and other various compositions. He prides himself on having established many new singers who went on to become well-known on the local scene.