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Mro. Andrew Coleiro

Mro. Andrew Coleiro was born on 9 April 1945 in Sliema. Son of Rita and Francis Coleiro. His father was a band musician with several renowned bands and until a few years ago was still playing the soprano saxafon. At the age of twelve years began his musical studies under the direction of master Buttigieg was headmaster of the Sliema Band. It was a very promising band musician and a very early age had already issued a ringing with Bands with clarinet. He continued his studies in theory under Mro. Carmelo Pace. It was also studied the instrument under Mro. Angelo Pullicino with St Julian’s Band Club. The first band was directed was the Soċjeta Filarmonika Sliema when he was absent the Captain Buttigieg with Hymn to Our Lady of Sacro Cuore.

In 1967 he married to Joanne nee’ Bonnici from Sliema and had three children, Omar, Sonia and Claudine. His work has also been linked to music since he entered the Band of the Armed Forces of Malta earlier in R.M.A. where Mro. Anthony Chircop then was Head of this same band and encouraged to Mro. Andrew Coleiro to play Clarinet very poorly instrument was played.

In 1970 he was appointed Assistant Head Mro. Andrew Coleiro band Għaqda Mużikali Sant’ Andrija of Luqa, the hand of his father Frans birth village. Started to engage in composition and enthusiasts since it was very festive, the maltese march was a very staunch. The first march was written was called Hole In The Wall and played by the Soċjeta Filarmonica La Vittoria A.D.1907 of Mellieħa. Bandmaster Coleiro did not look back and began composing a march after march.

In 1975 was the year when he started with the Duke of Connaught Own Band Club of Birkirkara as Assistant Headmaster which also began to teach the begingers students. The first march he wrote to this band was named Augusta. In 1977 he was appointed musical director of this band where he holds this post today. As bandmaster this band was the first one, in fact it is related but did not significantly shifted the one hand because he was appointed Bandmasters of the Stella Maris Band Club of Sliema and Soċjeta Mużikali Santa Katarina of Żurrieq as an assistant.

The music was so much at heart who was taking care of the orchestra of theater De Porres Sliema at the time the seventies and eighties was popular with operetti and teatrini which was made some time to hand today no longer exists. This was St Dominic band at Sliema. It was for some time assistents of Soċjeta Filarmonika King's Own at Valletta.

Following was also appointed Bandmaster of Banda Sliema and St Gaetan Band of Hamrun where these times jibbrilla started in march compositions made by most so popular that it had issued its march with longplay Ġejja l-Banda. He was also Head of Għaqda Mużikali San Ġużepp (Ħal Għaxaq) and Soċjeta Filarmonika Fra Antoine De Paule Band Kristu Re. Mro. Andrew Coleiro was appointed Honorary Master of the band Soċjeta Filarmonika Lourdes, Paola A.D. 1977. He Publish two cassettes with its marches, besides many others marches on several different cd’s.In 1993 he was appointed Master of the Soċjeta Filarmonika Prekursur – Xewkija Gozo, where he lasted 5 full years and this was the last band he had except for the band Duke of Conaught’s Own which kept him attached to his heart. Mro. Andrew Coleiro is a master who has made many contributions to Maltese bands and Maltese culture and has certainly done honor to our country.

Today Maestro Colerio, although he has retired from the direction of the Maltese Bands and although he sometimes fails to write a march, has remained active in producing and presenting a program of military marches on the one Radio Malta station.