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=== Singles ===
=== Singles ===

Bħal Nefha Riħ       
* Bħal Nefha Riħ       
I Sing For You
* I Sing For You
Il-Kebbies Tal-Fuklar
* Il-Kebbies Tal-Fuklar
L-Għajnejn Taż-Żgħar [2003]
* L-Għajnejn Taż-Żgħar [2003]
L-Għanja tal-Ġemgħa  [2004]
* L-Għanja tal-Ġemgħa  [2004]
The One And Only
* The One And Only
Via Crucis
* Via Crucis
Vjaġġ Fil-Ħsieb  [2006]
* Vjaġġ Fil-Ħsieb  [2006]
Do They Deserve? [2000]
* Do They Deserve? [2000]
Zgħożija  [2001]
* Zgħożija  [2001]
Arloġġ bla Idejn [2009]
* Arloġġ bla Idejn [2009]

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[edit] External links

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Anabel Spiteri born in Pieta on 30 October 1984 and grew up in Rabat, Malta. Started singing when she was 10 years, and has participated in various festivals organized around Malta juveniles among whom Bastjan Said, Santa Katerina of Żurrieq. The first appearance on television was in festival, named Sardinella. Having had also appeared programs like Kikk Rikki and she sing a song name "Għadli Ġesu".

At 12 years old she, began even take part in the drama with the Act React of Ray Mangion, which took part in several musicals staged, including The Sound of Music, Les Miserables, Evita, and many others.

Near the year 1999 she began to participate in festivals for seniors like the one organized by KDZ which was also won the Festival with the song "Il-Kebbies tal-Fuklar" music by Chan Vella and lyrics by Mario Fenech Caruana, Further Festival organized by the General Workers Union, F’Għaqda il-Melodija was finished in Second Place with a song "Bħal Nefha Riħ" music by Chan Vella and lyrics by Paul Ellul, while the following year with Aldo Busuttil they had won the Section of their own with "Via Crucis" and they went aboard too, as a reword to Bari as a guests in a festivals organized there.

Between 2001 and 2006, she had participated in other festivals established in the Maltese islands such as L-Għanja tal-Poplu with beautiful songs, such as,"Żgħożija", "L-Għanja tal-Ġemgħa", "L-Għajnejn tal-żgħar" u "Vjaġġ fil-Ħsieb", last appearance in this festival was in 2009 with the song "Arloġġ bla Jdejn", music by Mark Spiteri Lucas and lyrics by Paul Ellul.

Today love to her family commitments Anabel with much still take part in festivals, but sometimes singing in mass of weddings.



  • Bħal Nefha Riħ
  • I Sing For You
  • Il-Kebbies Tal-Fuklar
  • L-Għajnejn Taż-Żgħar [2003]
  • L-Għanja tal-Ġemgħa [2004]
  • The One And Only
  • Via Crucis
  • Vjaġġ Fil-Ħsieb [2006]
  • Do They Deserve? [2000]
  • Zgħożija [2001]
  • Arloġġ bla Idejn [2009]

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