Alfred Mifsud (entertainer)

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Alfred Mifsud

Alfred Mifsud was born in Rabat, Malta on 7 January, 1953. He is a Balancing Magician.

Alfred studied at the University of Malta and lived most of the time in Sliema, now a days he is living in Mellieħa. At the age of 10 he started to balance things on his nose and hands. Besides studying to become a teacher and later Headmaster Alfred prepared himself well to perform his hobby everywhere. Most of the time he observed and listened to other people and managed to build his own show which improved from day to day. Today he is well known both in Malta and abroad.

Alfred Mifsud balancing the heavy Kuntrabaxx

For the past years he has been entertaining around various places both in Malta and in other countries. Alfred is known for his great ability and experience to balance things on his nose and chin such as a bicycle, newspaper and swords. He is most able to balance a 20 euro or dollar bill on his nose. Lately he was selected to be The Territorial Vice President for the International Brotherhood of Magicians for Malta area. Alfred is the Vice President of Ring 202 Malta and full active member of the International Brotherhood of Magicians since 1989 and he was given the Honour of Merlin from International President Shawn Farquhar.

Alfred Mifsud balancing a bike

In 1979 he was the first Maltese artist to take part in a circus namely the Demar Circus at Manoel Island. Later he joined an Italian circus in Pomezia and travelled and met circus artists. He entertains in any event and his participation in philanthropic functions such as Puttinu, Oħloq Tbissima, Presidents’ activities and Id-Dar tal-Providenza.

Alfred took part in serveral TV programmes like Wow, Bonġu Malta, Sibtijiet Flimkien, Happy Days, Breakfast shows and in other events. His ability to balance things was given prominence also in Turin at Casino delle Valle during the gala night for magicians when he was asked to balance a newspaper on his nose. Alfred impressed the 3000 magicians from all the world. Lately he took part in FISM 26th World Magicians competition. He took part in breaking the Guinness World Record with other magicians during July’s FISM. Alfred presents different shows for children , grown ups and indifferent functions.

Mr. Alfred has all it takes to perform in all kinds of open airshows and indoor places especially in Circuses and under big tents. He is also doing walk-around in bars and in international venues. Mr. Alfred met and talked with the best world magicians such Lu Chen, Silvan, Paul Daniels , Max Maven, Finn Jon, Julian Chen, Eugene Burger, David Stone, Dynamo, Dani da Ortis, Topas, Franz Harary and Uri Geller.

Mr. Alfred is named the Balancing Magician as he created a unique way to present Magic and balancing in an entertaining show where ever the show maybe.

Alfred Mifsud balancing 50 euros
Alfred Mifsud balancing a number of chairs

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