Alfred Farrugia (bandmaster)

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Mro. Alfred Farrugia A.(Mus.)L.C.M.

Mro. Alfred Farrugia A.(Mus.)L.C.M. was born in Żurrieq on 7 July, 1960. Born in a musical family, he started studying music at a very young age with his father John who was a reknowned musician himself.

His uncle Mro. Joseph M. Bilocca was very influential in giving him hints and advices towards conducting. In 1973, Mro. Farrugia joined the Għaqda Karmelitana, Banda Queen Victoria of Żurrieq as an Althorn player.

In 1976, he studied the Euphonium to replace the retired Carmelo Sacco. He continued his musical theory studies with Mro. Carmelo Pace and under his tuition he achieved the A.(Mus.)L.C.M. Diploma in 1982.

In the same time, self-taught, he achieved the Grade 8 practical in Euphonium Studies from the A.B.R.S.M. In 1981, he joined the AFM Band for some years under the direction of Captain Mro. Anthony Chircop. In 1982, he was also appointed as Assistant Conductor and music teacher with the Queen Victoria Band Club AD1865.

Mro. Alfred Farrugia conducted The Queen Victoria Band Club

After some years, he continued his theory studying with Mro. Ronnie Debattista, under his tuition, he achieved the L.(Mus.)L.C.M. Diploma in 1993. In 1991, he was appointed as the 8th conductor of the Queen Victoria Band Club AD1865, succeeding Mro. Emmanuel Bugeja after his retirement. The Band continued its great success and acheivements by playing new styles of music varying the musical repertoire under his direction, a line of great memorable and ambitious concerts in various prominent theatres, churches and concert halls locally and abroad.

On 1st June 2016, he was awarded ‘Ġieħ iż-Żurrieq’ from the Żurrieq Council for his initiative to teach and include special needs personnel in the band and for his contribution towards the spread of music culture locally and abroad. Since 2014, he is enrolled as a music teacher in Government Middle Schools. In January 2018, he started to make part of The New Choral Singers as a chorister in the Bass section. Till today, he composed over 100 maltese festive marches in different styles, 14 funeral marches, 2 processional marches, 2 Easter Waltzes, Victorian Victories Symphonic Poem, Beatle Mania Medley, Cor Unum Suite, an introitus F’Jum il-Festa tal-Madonna tal-Karmnu, Ceremonial Suite 2006, A Triumphant Impression prelude, President’s Jubilee