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Alexander Rybak was born on 13 May, 1986 in Minsk, the capital of Belarus – at that time a part of the Soviet Union. His phenomenal journey began at the age of five, when his little family of three moved to Norway and settled at Nesodden, a short ferry trip from Oslo, the capital of Norway. His parents, Natalia and Igor, are both professionally trained musicians and teaching their son the violin and piano was the most natural thing in the world.

Rybak won the 54 Eurovision Song Contest in Moscow, Russia, with a record 387 points, singing Fairytale, a song inspired by Norwegian folk music.

This is the first time that Alexander Rybak submited a song for the Malta Eurovision 2014 when he write and composed the song Still Here for the Maltese singer Franklin Calleja. And till now reach till tha last 20 songs finalist.

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