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Aldo Zammit

Aldo Zammit was born on 28 October, 1980. He grew up at Iż-Żurrieq now he lives in Qrendi. He is an Actor and Drama Teacher at Drama Unit and with Masquerade.

Aldo started his theatrical performing since childhood in the schools he attended. After attending several short drama credits in University as part of his training for Bachelor of Education, in 2002, he began an intensive drama course with Lemon Head a company run by Bryan Muscat.

After finishing this four-year course with a distinction, Aldo attended and participated in other courses mainly focusing on Augusto Boal and the Theatre of Oppression, Greek Tragedy and Greek-style theatre and also 'Method Acting' as a style of performing.

with Gilbert Formosa, Alison Abela, Aldo Zammit, Olivia-Ann Marmara with veteran Gorg Peresso in a radio drama producation

He worked on several local productions and even abroad, with local and foreign directors. Among his work there are Achtung Achtung Europa, 20,ooo reasons (full feature movie released in 2016), H.R Nightmares of a fax machine, First and Last Hope, Marjelena, Dari Rari, Plautus Strait, Meta toħlom strada stretta, Frott l-imħabba, A View from The Bridge, Bejn erba’ ħitan, Il-Manifest tal-killer, Fragments of Love, Frankenstein, The Alchemist, The Bacchae, Avukati 247, Meta jintefa d-dawl, Madame X, Mane Nobiscum, Bar Macbeth and others.

Aldo also works as a fulltime actor and Drama mentor with the Department of Education. Besides performing, his work entails writing and directing various scripts to be performed for different schools. Aldo used to teach and direct drama and performing arts with a renowned Maltese Theatre company in Malta following the syllabus of the international company Trinity and Guildhall with very high results for his students. Aldo also studies voice and music at an advanced level and has played the piano, the guitar and sang live during several theatre productions.

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