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Airport Impression

The origin of Airport Impressions can be traced back to Errol and Johann’s acoustic project and a fruitful six month stay in Ireland back in 2005. The origin of Airport Impressions can be traced back to Errol and Johann’s acoustic project and a fruitful six month stay in Ireland back in 2005. Then known as Riverstone, the two of them infiltrated the local live circuit with their rousing acoustic sets, garnering weekly residencies in key music venues as well as a regular audience that followed them from gig to gig. At some point however, Riverstone became too small a vehicle for their broader musical aspirations.


Genre: Alt/Comm Rock

It was time to aim for bigger things, and that laid down the foundation for what was to become Airport Impressions, a name was inspired by those feelings which most people tend to experience while waiting at the airport. Behind the name, the acoustic set-up was boosted with a more conventional line-up. Drummer Steve joined the band, and after time spent writing new songs, Errol and Johann commuted between Malta and Germany to lay down tracks in the studio. It was then time to put their collective efforts to the test. They returned to Malta and released their first single, Beside You, in March 2008. The song, a blend of British and American contemporary rock elements, was given a modest reception at first, but went on to clinch the No.1 spot in the Bay Radio charts a few months later.

The taste of success was sweet, but it also brought on a bigger challenge; that of writing a follow-up that would do as well as, if not better than Beside You. They needn’t have worried; released in June 2008, Wake Up also reached the top spot in the Bay Radio charts a couple of months after its release. Meanwhile, Airport Impressions had also immersed themselves within the live circuit, which has always been an integral part of the band’s appeal. Apart from the Riverstone audience already behind them, they were pulling a whole new set of radio listeners to their packed-out gigs.The band’s third release, Genuine (released in October 2008) lived up to its predecessors, topping the Bay Radio chart in less than a month. Airport Impressions quick rise to the forefront of the Maltese music scene hadn’t gone unnoticed. In fact, the band received no fewer than three nominations for the Malta Music Awards 2009; Best New Artist, Best Band and Best Song for Wake Up, eventually winning the Best New Artist award. Just a few weeks later, at the Bay Music Awards 2008, the band won the Best Newcomers Award and the Artist Choice Award, the latter an award decided by a vote taken by local bands and artists. These awards rounded off a very exciting and successful 2008 for Airport Impressions. With their star clearly in the ascendant, the strong single Borderline found the band exploring more defined alternative elements, topped the radio charts for three weeks in a row.

Early 2009, Airport Impressions included Chris Curmi as the fourth member on bass guitar so to complete a full set up. With Errol’s arduous, energetic and sometimes darker sounding taste of riffing in the band, Johann blends well as a detail-fetcher and with his fact-oriented lyricis that complement the massive sounds with an ever-meaningful blend of dreamy music. Chris is a definite bouncy-bassliner with plenty of different, mostly alternative ideas to production of the songs, which is often countered by the systematic, 80s driven structure of the drummer, Steve. After confirming themselves as a most aspiring artist, Airport Impressions announced their first EP release Seeing with eyes closed in August 2009 which featured all the four commercial/alternative rock hits previously released (Beside You, Wake Up, Genuine and Borderline) and a fresh track The air we breathe. Then the Band closed off its second year with a bang! Once again it received three nominations at the Malta Music Awards 2009 including Best Songwriter (Errol & Johann), Best Song (Borderline) and Best Band. Their hit single Borderline kept uprising its popularity was eventually awarded song of the year at the Malta Music Awards. A week later, Airport Impressions proudly grasped the much awaited Best Band award at the popular local Bay Music Awards.

On Friday 22 October 2010 Airport Impressions released their album Minutes of a Lifetime at Tattingers in Rabat. The track Freedom was drawn from this album just ahead of the launch to promote the release of the CD. which bares a collection of twelve diverse tracks ranging from alternative to rock. Minutes of a lifetime was recorded in collaboration with producer Howard Keith Debono Jagged House, who also forms the management of the band. Also in 2010, Airport Impressions were present at the Bay Music Awards were they won the Best Band, Best Song Walk With Me and also the new Bay Presenters’ choice award.

This treble has made Airport Impressions the first band to win the Best Band award for two consecutive years. In 2011 apart from various great gigs performes locally Airport Impressions were chosen as the main band to perform at the inauguration of the most modern drag racing arena in Europe. This was part of the prestigious FIA European Drag Racing championship and for the band it involved giving a live eletric set during the opening ceremony in front of 30,000 people at the Tierp Arena and the bands was also featured on Swedish television and radio stations.

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