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ĦOSS is the brainchild of Manuel Spiteri and Diane Camenzuli. The word ĦOSS has two specific meanings in the Maltese language i.e. sound and feeling. The concept behind ĦOSS is to bring together music and other forms of expressive arts under the umbrella of mental health. Primarily focused on giving a voice to those that suffer in silence and to raise awareness on the fragile reality of mental health issues.

Ageless, Colourless, Genderless.

The ĦOSS logo shows a skull, which represents a human being in its rawest form. In the logo, the words Ħ O S S were purposely designed to be in the brain section because our emotions and feelings originate from our minds. Everyone can pass through mental health issues irrespective of age, gender, colour, job, social status and other titles given to the person.


==External links== Together we are Loud! #voicethesilent ĦOSS Social Media Sites

  • (Fb) [1] * (Twitter) [2] * (IG) [3] * (Email):- hossmusicmalta@gmail.com