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Chev. Paul J. Naudi was a Civil Servant.

He was born in Sliema on 27 June 1920 and attended the Lyceum. Naudi studied at the University of London and the Istituto di Studi di Politica Internazionali in Milan.

In 1938 Paul J. Naudi became a primary school teacher and one year later worked as a clerk at the Lyceum until 1943 when he was appointed Executive Office within the Office of the Governor General. Between 1947 and 1955 he served as private secretary to various elected officials in the office of the Ministry of Education.

He became Director of Information in 1955 a position he occupied until 1969, overseeing Tourism Services and the Government Printing Press. He returned to the Ministry of Education in 1971, where he again served as the Minister's secretary until his retirement for the civil service in 1978.

His managerial qualities where highly valued by senior government officials even after his retirement. Chev. Naudi chaired several organizing committees including ones for the celebration of the 25th Anniversary of Malta's Independence in 1989, the Bush-Gorbachev summit of 1989, and Pope John Paul II’s visit to Malta in 1990.

Chev. Naudi held the position of Exective Secretary in the Russian Center for Science and Culture bejn 1991-1995. He was granted the title of Chevalier by the Sovereign Military Order of Malta, awarded an MBE by the UK, and also received the Croce al Merito Melitense and Commendatire Croce di Malta from the SMOM.

Paul J. Naudi was married to prominent Maltese actress Karmen Azzopardi.

He died on 16 April 2007 at the age of 86