Jesmond Galea tal-Kalora

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Jesmond Galea tal-Kalora

Jesmond Galea tal-Kalora

is a folksinger from Naxxar, born in 1966. He is the son of Ninu Galea l-Kalora, and the brother of Salvu Galea tal-Kalora, who emigrated to Australia, and comes from a family of blacksmiths.

At a very tender age, Jesmond was already singing publicly, with Mikiel Cutajar Is-Superstar in the main square of Żejtun.

Jesmond Galea also remains known for the song that was issued when he visited Australia in eight’s Il-Firda with The Zodiac Band, a song which was please as today.

In the last three years Galea has increased his participation in folk singing events, usually organized by Mikiel Cutajar Is-Superstar, and that also feature Etienne Pawney In-Naxxari and his own son Lawrence Galea 'tal-Kalora'.

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