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Wednesday 04 October 2006 (Michael Bugeja - The Malta Independent)

After spending much of the past year locked away in the studio, Maltese rock band Winter Moods is back with a brand new song, Lonely Vegas. The radio single, which was launched on the local airwaves last week, is being released ahead of the band’s upcoming studio album Ordinary Men, which should be out later this month. In a statement, frontman Ivan Grech said that the new album – their fourth to date - “is a reflection of us; what we go through every day, and what we have experienced together as a band during the past 20 years”.

Yes – that’s right – 20 years! Two decades down the road from that fateful day in 1986 when bassist Joseph Rizzo and lead guitarist Steve Caruana Smith first got the idea to form the band, eventually recruiting Ivan to take care of the vocal duties. You can’t not agree that it is quite a long time for a band to stick together but as Ivan himself admits, “Few bands stay together this long, but of course there have been ups and downs”. And you can be sure there will be many more, but for the moment, the band is quite excited about their latest accomplishment. Asked about the new album, Ivan simply replied “It is made up of the Winter Moods you know, but there will be some interesting new sounds as well”.

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