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Anthony M. Abela was an associate professor of sociology and social policy at the University of Malta.

Anthony Abela graduated with B.A. (Hons) in Philosophy from the Royal University of Malta. He also received an S.T.B. from the Gregorian University in Rome, a Masters in theology from the Centre Sevres in Paris and an M.A. and a D.Phil. in sociology, respectively from the Loyola University of Chicago and the University of Oxford.

He was principal investigator of the European Values Study (Malta), member of the European Values Steering Committee (Tilburg) and served as evaluator and reviewer of social research projects for the European Commission. He was also Non-Governmental Maltese Expert on Poverty and Social Inclusion for the European Commission. For three years he was director of the Institute of Social Welfare at the University of Malta, having earlier served as professore aggiunto in sociology at the Gregorian University in Rome.

Prof. Abela's research interests included comparative European Values Studies, sociology of the family, sociology of religion, youth, gender, poverty and social policy.

His publications include: Transmitting Values in European Malta (1991), Changing Youth Culture in Malta (1992), Shifting Family Values (1994), Secularised Sexuality, Youth Values in a City-island (1998), Women and Men in the Maltese Islands (1998), Young Catholics at the New Millennium (2000), Values of Women and Men in the Maltese Islands: A comparative European Perspective (2001), Youth Participation in Voluntary Organisations and Women's Welfare in Society (2001).

He died on 4 April 2006